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Mountain Hiking Holidays

ACE Adventure is a leading travel company which offers the best travel packages to enjoy the best tours. Hiking is an exciting sport and you should give it a try especially when you are on a trip. If a relaxing and peaceful vacation is not something you want, it is the time to plan a Mountain Hiking Holidays.

Join Us for an Amazing Trip to Hiking Holiday Serbia

ACE Adventure team is made for couple and a group of travel lovers who has been engaged in tourism in Serbia for years. Some of us contribute “behind the scene”, with doing jobs which are usually not visible, while some of us are in the field with you, doing our best to make you bring ultimate experience from Hiking Holiday Serbia.



Relaxing hiking is only for those who are looking for nature enjoyment and local food and culture experience. During this Hiking you'll might have a bit of intensive physical effort only at few points of the tour, so I advise you to take with you at least one wardrobe change. On the way you'll learn about local life in this area of Serbia and you'll see how typical village looks like, since last part of the hike takes us through village and local roads.


Hiking Holiday Serbia invites you to join us to an amazing trip to Montenegro, a country with stunning mountains and a beautiful coast on the Adriatic Sea. Although it is one of the smallest countries in Europe, its contribution to world cultural heritage is impressive, so come and discover it with us.